Harvey Lee Livingston, II

Sunrise: November 15, 1959 | Sunset: December 23, 2021

"Love the life you live, live the life you love." ~ Bob Marley

Poems & Obituary

(Recited at Harvey Lee Livingston's Celebration of Life Service by Harvey Lee Livingston III)

He was born into this world not at the top or the bottom but right in the middle. He came into this world crying but left this world trying, to be a better man for his family clan
"A Legacy Reborn"

A baby boomer born during the civil rights era. He was a fighter for equal rights consciously trying to unite and always had great insight. He was born into redlining and had to purchase with crazy lender fees but this didn't stop him from owning multiple properties.
"A Legacy Reunited"

As a child he had a paper route that helped contribute to the down payment of his parent's first California house. Later on he helped teach his family a different road and avenue on living life with different assets and valuables.
"A Legacy Retaught"

He grew up in desert but followed his dream to live by the water. He loved to swim and had many different sides to him; but he was more than kind to the ones who truly knew him. He gave many different points of view and was proud a Que.
"A Legacy Relived"

Once he finished college, he never again had a car note as he wanted to be different so he got a boat. He believed in delayed gratification for the next generation. He had all kinds of hopes and dreams but he sacrificed his wealth helping build other revenue streams, so selfless; by all means.
"A Legacy Redefined"

He was taught how to save dollar and make a solid wage but he was sold on investing for the future so a family member could live with more freedom and bring about change.
"A Legacy Reinvested"

He showed UP and showed OUT in all sorts of ways but teaching was his calling because he left this world a better place. If you knew him he loved to joke and when you listened closely he usually left you with a pretty good quote.
"A Legacy Recalled"

He managed many in his career, touching those who were sincere but reminded all to persevere. He believed in diversity as he knew when adversity hits, many throw a fit but it's usually "US" who have to right the ship.
"A Legacy of Remembering"

Many thought he was so smart but he exposed himself to plenty as he was on a mission to advance, so he never left it up to chance, even things he love to do such as dance
"A Legacy of Re-exposure"

He was usually a little late but always worth the wait. He captured and managed many minds by giving his precious time. His mind was one of kind and he exercised it most of the time, as he stressed its importance because what you put in it will come to the surface. He lived for the day but always planned for tomorrow believing in paying back what you borrow
"A Legacy of Re-planning"

In this world many problems seem to arise whether near or far he game planned when given time. He was a thinker and problem solver which helped him guide others, but some credit is due…to his mother.
"A Legacy Revisited"

If you were a person he cared for he would give you a world tour or a history lesson, just to make sure it sets in. One of the greatest story tellers to walk this earth; each one usually had a purpose that was deeper than surface.
"A Legacy of Retelling"

He was a phenomenal cook but his peaceful place was by the river, with an overlook. He loved a bonfire with a nice sunset thinking about the problems of today coming up with solutions for tomorrow because each day is a test sometimes harder than next.
"A Legacy Recharged"

Back in the day he had a music group called Harvey & the Jumbos. Even though Short lived he had a thing for the old and the new, he loved to sing the words of funk but got tickled by a hip hop verse or two. When working out he listened and sung Latin Hip Hop choruses and boy…it was performance. He had a thing for jazz and that seem to never pass
"A Legacy of Repeating"

He was born into middle class but spent many days learning about his family's past. He collected African masks and enjoyed ancient artifacts. Fascinated with history he was quite the adult scholar who knew how to save a dollar.
"A Legacy of Rededication"

He had a love for drop tops and old school low riders and that carried on through the test of time. As time went on he had less love for corporate America but he fought hard to play the game but made sure to try and bring about Change
"A Legacy Redirected"

He constantly said life isn't fair and it can be cruel but he faced this duel head on, whenever called upon. All his life time was so tight with many different balls in the air, he found ways to prepare. He usually stays cool, calm and collected because he had a growth mindset; to make sure this legacy lives on in many different shapes and forms.
"A Legacy of Resourcefulness"

He died worrying and caring for others until his final night where he questioned time and how to fight. He loved free and fought each day with a purpose and wholeheartedly believed in Service
"A Legacy of Rekindling"

He was a thinker, a visionary, a problem solver who had a thirst for knowledge being informed and well read. He would always stay two steps ahead even on his death bed
"A Legacy Resolved"

You can find him in different kind of auctions. He enjoyed a good haggle and found some great deals which gave him a few thrills
"A Legacy of Rebidding"

He didn't get a chance enjoy all of his hard work and the fruits of his labor but his custom suits had quite the Tailor. The things he has built and instilled like his advice, sayings, and teachings will live on with each person he has touched for he is a hero now in God's trust.
"A Legacy Retold"

He cared for many unconditionally and if you want to honor him; stay humble and remember this saying "each one, teach one" it is code he said to me and it helped me be a better human being. He died too young but accomplished far more than most in such a short time. He had a love for history and how things came to be.
"A Legacy of Re-honoring"

He grew appreciative for different lifestyles. He is a son, a father, husband, uncle, nephew, cousin, human, a man but not a myth and a legend in his own right. He was a mentor and advisee to many whether at work, charitable, fraternal, or family
"A Legacy of Re-Advised"

In life he made many close relationships, but he had an unexplained black boy joy on the golf course. His father gave him lessons and taught him constantly about how to swing and uplift; so he spent time teaching while remembering the art of friendships
"A Legacy Rediscovered"

Life goes on just like his journey will and this family will preserve and elevate this legacy for it is what he wanted. His-story will never die for it would be a crime because he meant so much, he had a special touch and would always come up clutch; in business or pleasure his smile was a treasure
"A Legacy Re-continued"

His Journey Lives on as he has passed the baton
"A Legacy of Reinvention"

On November 15, 1959 Harvey Lee Livingston II was born to L. Benjamin and Margaret Livingston in Snow Flake, Arizona; he was named after his father's brother who died jumping into a lake trying to help save someone from drowning. He was the second child with an older brother, David and a younger brother Lawrence.

The family moved to Phoenix, Arizona and as a boy he had a paper route where he learned to save his money. The family moved to Riverside, California in 1971 after his father completed his PhD and took a staff position at the University of California, Riverside. Being a good financial steward at a young age, Harvey contributed to the down payment of the "Big House".

Harvey graduated from University Middle School and John North High School in Riverside, CA. He was 14 years of age when he met the love of his life and eventually his wife, June Carolyn Rogers. He excelled in Varsity baseball and football in high school and earned All-County football honors in 1976. He had many good friends due to his enigmatic personality and engaging smile. His mother during his youth called him her "little militant child" he believed in the cause and fought for Civil Rights. When he was young, he developed a love for old low rider cars and convertibles which carried on throughout his life.

Harvey pledged Omega Psi Phi Fraternity in Riverside, California on June 24, 1978 and was a life- long member as was his father, former Grand Basileus (National President of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity). He held the position of 12th District 2nd Vice District Representative, started new chapters and was a Life member attending meetings at the local chapter here in Sacramento.

Harvey attended Riverside City College, played football and then transferred to California State University, Fullerton, earning his Bachelor's Degree in Communications. He met some of his best friends and fraternity brothers during this time. After graduation he had some interest to go into business for himself and he also gained an interest in real estate. Once he finished college, he never had a car payment (his wife did) which allowed him to better attain his lifelong pursuit of financial freedom.

Harvey married June Rogers on June 12, 1982 at March Air Force Base in Riverside County. From this union one child was born, Harvey Lee (Trey) Livingston III.

Harvey had a fondness for water views. He had a goal to live near the water and often said, "I want a house on the Mississippi River y'all" which he eventually attained that goal near the Sacramento River. He and his family enjoyed many peaceful times by a nice bonfire on the river enjoying the beautiful sunsets. Being outside always brought him joy but when he was exposed more to nature by his wife June, he enjoyed walking trails, looking at birds and animals but what was constant was his love for boating. When he went on vacation, he got a serious fulfillment on cruises with his family. This allowed him to turn off the phone and enjoy the everyday life with his family. He would spend much of his time going on land tours learning about Caribbean Island history and he also enjoyed snorkeling.

He spent nearly 38 years of his professional career at Pacific Bell, Southwestern Bell and AT&T ultimately earning the position of Regional Vice President of Outbound Telemarketing and WEB for National Business in Alternate Channels. He was an avid reader and was a member of the local library along with having his own library at his house. His thirst for knowledge didn't stop there as he read Newspapers every day and later in life he constantly could be found listening to podcasts and YouTube for different subject matters to gain more knowledge and perspective.

He was intellectually curious like his mother and shared master philosophies and foundational principles to make you think. If you told him a situation or story with a problem, he would be quick but not hurry to find solution by researching, thinking, and using resources. He was known for giving people nick names both professionally and personally; his mind was always engaged, when he trained it on you it was very focused and personal.

Harvey was baptized at St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, in Sacramento, where he was a member along with his family for more than 20 years. He was active in many civic and professional organizations, including: Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE), Sacramento Chapter of the Urban League, and Sacramento Black Chamber Board member. He was also a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). He went to many workshops locally and nationally for business and pleasure which helped make him well versed in many subject matters in every day conversation. He also joined the National Speakers Association; most work associates did not relish the thought of speaking after him, because he excelled as an orator, giving speeches throughout his career.

His enjoyment of mentorship, teaching, giving and friendship was a constant throughout his life. He worked for RCA as a sales person, started a process serving business, and worked for JB Leasing Company early in his career.

He was a leader, mentor, friend, coach but mostly a teacher to family, friends and work associates; he was always honing his skills and giving back to others. To this day many recount the lessons, messages, philosophies and special moments shared with him. He strived and worked tirelessly to reach countless goals he set out for himself and his family. He believed strongly in financial literacy and made sure to pass on more than just bills and debt as he always worried about all of his family's future.

He had a great love for history and any time he went on out for work, vacation or to visit family you can find him spending some off time in a museum. He was forever making use of time and constantly willing to learn whether it was about a city he was visiting or the town he resided in. He was known to give great tours and proud to show loved ones what Sacramento has to offer if they came and visited. Later in life he spent more time re-discovering old friendships along with new ones as he was enjoying being active outside and on the golf course. He was introduced to golf by his father.

In 1999, he created and founded the Nor-Cal Pharaohs AAU basketball organization one of the first of its kind in Sacramento; it is a club for all youth levels bringing unity and also tying its legacy to the hometown NBA team, the Sacramento Kings. Legacy was paramount in Harvey's life and he always thought about the next generations hoping the work he has done gives more opportunities and more freedom to chase their goals.

He was a family man making many sacrifices. He will live on in the memories of those he touched, spoke with and taught; he is forever in our memory and his legacy will live on.

Harvey is preceded in death by his father Dr. L. Benjamin Livingston and mother Margaret Johnson Livingston.

He is survived by his wife June Rogers Livingston, son Harvey Lee (Trey) Livingston III Sacramento, CA, brothers David Benjamin Livingston (Cheri Davis), Adelanto, CA. Lawrence Bernard Sr. (Michelle), Jackson, TN., and a host of family members including in-laws, cousins, nieces, nephews, friends and colleagues.

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(Recited at Margaret Livingston's Celebration of Life Service by Harvey Lee Livingston II)

She was born like we all are ignorant to the world She Died having lived an Enlightened Life
Honor Her Legacy

Every baby is born in need and usually with sight She developed insight and spent a life time giving and serving others needs
Honor Her Legacy

Born a victim of societies ill will Died a victor despite the challenges and chills
Honor Her Legacy

She knew how to stretch a dollar She also knew the importance of saving some of every dollar
Honor Her Legacy

Born to a home with an outhouse Died owning a home with four bathrooms
Honor Her Legacy

Born to a family society would say is financially poor Died financially free
Honor Her Legacy

Born during the one drop of blood rule era Died proud of the power of those drops
Honor Her Legacy

Born in a generation of Blacks that achieved many firsts Wanted to make sure we don't make the firsts the last
Honor Her Legacy

Baptized at an early age wanted you to learn, love and submit for yourself
Honor Her Legacy

A voracious reader, lifelong learner and brilliant thinker
Honor Her Legacy

85 years of being inquisitive, intellectually curious and observant
Honor Her Legacy

A master conversationist- who like her daddy could talk to anyone on almost any subject
Honor Her Legacy

She voted, she donated, she contributed
Honor Her Legacy

She spent a life time taking care of business At work, at home and for others Her record keeping and strategic thinking continues to inspire
Honor Her Legacy

Her philosophies and mantras resonate truth and wisdom Serving as a path to love, happiness and success
Honor Her Legacy

Life was not always easy or kind, it never is She inherited and added to the family legacy
Honor Her Legacy

Born to a family rich in love, legacy and resilience Died still fighting to do her part to make her blood proud
Honor Her Legacy

Towards the end, she knew she was dying but also knew how much she had LIVED
Honor Her Legacy

Her final words to the family were about Trust Her message resonates for a family, for our people, for our country, for our world
Honor Her Legacy

Born loved, lived giving and getting love and died loved even more
Honor Her Legacy